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PUMPS - Pump Automatic Jolly Matic
Pump Automatic Jolly Matic (175080)

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JOLLY PUMP12 is a super-silent automatic electric pump designed to boost the water flow rate to a shower head and other outlets. JOLLY PUMP12 provides the following functions comple - tely independently: starting, stopping and dry run protec - tion, in gravity fed systems with header tank or in pressure tank system, including centralised condominium supplies. The water-cooled motor assures silent running of the pump so it can be installed easily anywhere in the home or in a roof space. As show, JOLLY PUMP12 can be installed in line with the main water supply pipe for each apartment to boost wa - ter flow rate and pressure without having to alter the main condominium system. Operation of JOLLY PUMP12 is extremely straightforward. - When a shower or tap is turned on, as soon as the water flow in the pipe exceedes 3 l/min it is diverted by the unit’s internal flow control valve, causing the motor start. The re - sulting increased flow is supplied constantly until the tap is turned o. - When a tap is turned o, the interruption of the water flow causes the motor to stop immediately. This prevents potentially harmful pressure rises in the water circuit. The same principle assures dry run protection of the pump

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