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SAFETY GEAR - Shoes Superior 800 MID S3 Lotto 44
Shoes Superior 800 MID S3 Lotto 44 (181067)

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 Protected by the FLYcap toe cap in composite material and by the fabric antiperforation midsole, metalfree footwear is ideal for more comfortable movement.

Light, innovative midsole preventing perforation (antiperforation “zero” - according to the law EN 12568:2010) and offering exceptional fl exibility.

Strong, soft and breathable fabric lining composed of a double layer: an inner part that attracts and absorbs sweat, and a more compact and durable outer part

The stabilizer arch controls the bending and fl exing of the shoe, allowing freedom of movement only in the correct points. An exclusive technology that combines maximum comfort with maximum safety.

Toe cap, made of composite material, offers perfect thermal and electrical insulation and is resistant to water, acids and atmospheric agents.

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